Discover below which products in the LUMIFIL® range is right for your treatment

Lumifil Lite

Low viscosity dermal filler for the treatment of fine lines such as crow’s feet, perioral lines and light forehead lines.

Results last approx 12-15 months.

Lumifil Kiss

The perfect filler for lip augmentation and areas where a thicker higher viscosity solution is needed. KISS can also be used in the cheeks and Nasolabial folds depending on the nature of the wrinkles.

Longer lasting approx 12-18 months.

Lumifil Max

Ideal for those Sub-Q areas and deep wrinkles including augmentation of the nose, cheeks, jawline and chin : MAX is the thickest and longest lasting in the LUMIFIL range and the perfect choice for facial augmentation.

Effective for approx 18 months.


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