LUMIFIL has received official approval of its effectiveness in anti-wrinkles treatment and safety, through comparative clinical trials conducted by major university hospitals in Korea under the approval of the medical device clinical trial from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

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Want to learn more about our CE approved ultra high purity HA dermal filler? Download our technical brochure here now, and discover the science behind our creation! Also learn more about our successful clinical trial against a world leading brand.


LUMIFIL fillers are made of the highest grade non-animal based hyaluronic acid. Sterile & pyrogen-free the gel is 3D cross-linked, colourless, odourless with one of highest molecular weights at 2,500,000 da. This highly dense completely natural substance works seamlessly with skin tissue creating amazing natural looking longer lasting results, with greater volume!

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Leading the field with its patented Particle Plastic Process (PP), LUMIFIL fillers are able to achieve a uniform particle structure, creating better more consistent results.

PP Process is technology that can make HA filler particles uniform. Through this optimised PP process LUMIFIL has proudly achieved a uniform HA Particle size. Uniform particle structure enables consistent injecting and easy moulding, time after time, thereby enhancing the effects of the treatment.

The patented PP Process allows long-lasting volumizing effects due to the increase in viscoelasticity.



The patented PP Process allows long-lasting volumising effects due to the increase in viscoelasticity.


Optimum viscosity and elasticity are achieved simultaneously by applying LUMIFIL, using technology which is capable of making a 3D particle structure using a small amount of cross-linking agent.


Ultra low product migration, meaning that once injected, LUMIFIL is likely to stay closer to the injection site producing consistent immediate AND long lasting results.

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