Product Protection Guarantee

  • This Product Protection prevents the situation of a non-delivery of products ordered from Us ( arising from theft or loss in transit of any of the products placed in your order (“Relevant Order”).
  • If you have opted to include our guarantee (“Guarantee”) for delivery and the products within the Relevant Order should not be delivered to the delivery address stipulated in the order by You for any reason set out in these terms then We agree to re-deliver the Relevant Order by making a like-for-like re-delivery free of charge, strictly subject to the conditions.


You Are:

  1. A customer that has made an order and has paid to include our Guarantee of the Order of Products with the order (which shall then be known as a “Relevant Order”).

We are:

  1. The Supplier of Products in your Relevant Order, as set out in our Terms and Conditions on our website.


  1. Shall mean each and any of, and only, the products within the Relevant Order (“Products”).


4.  Means the cost payable by you to take our Guarantee of re-delivery of a Relevant Order in accordance with these terms, when selected at the time of making your Relevant Order.

Duration and extent of Guarantee:

  1. Start Date: the date of your Relevant Order as shown on your purchase receipt.
  2. We will only be able to re-deliver once and strictly on the terms set out herein. Any subsequent orders will not come with our delivery Guarantee, and you must opt to take our delivery Guarantee with each respective Order to benefit from this policy.
  3. Our Guarantee is only made to customers living in the UK (mainland only).
  4. Our Guarantee is only made and applies to the circumstances set out in the Your Protection section below which sets out the Limits of our Guarantee.

Limit of our Guarantee:

  1. Our Guarantee when selected is only given in respect of the Products contained in a Relevant Order and only up to the value of the Products in that Relevant Order, subject to a maximum of £1,000 for any Relevant Order.

Your Protection:

  1. We guarantee delivery of the Products within the Relevant Order to protect against non-delivery for loss in transit or theft, subject to the Conditions Criteria being met. Where part of a Relevant Order is not delivered, our guarantee shall only extend to those Products within the Relevant Order that are not delivered, and nothing more.

Conditions Criteria

  1. You shall be entitled to benefit from our Guarantee by making a claim (“Claim”) in accordance with these terms if and when any Products within your Relevant Order should not be delivered to You strictly due to reasons of either:
    a) Loss in transit; or
    b) Theft

provided that for our Guarantee to come into effect, it shall be conditional upon:

In the event of any Products within a Relevant Order being lost in transit, You must:

  • if the products are not signed for at their intended delivery address, Claim within 5 Working Days (meaning usual business days in England and not including bank holidays) of the date of the Relevant Order being placed; and
  • If the parcel has been signed for by someone other than the customer, We will raise a signature dispute with our courier service. The outcome of such dispute will be made known within 21 days.

In the event of any Products within a Relevant Order being subject to theft, for a valid Claim, You must:

  • provide a crime reference number from the police.
  1. Any Claim made will only be considered valid if the Conditions Criteria are satisfied in full and notice of a Claim is given in accordance with and subject to any other provision in these terms.

Operation of Cover

  1. By opting to Guarantee a Relevant Order, We will protect Your Relevant Order in accordance with these Terms.
  2. Upon making a valid Claim, we will make a redelivery of the missing products within the Relevant Order, strictly subject to the conditions below:
    1. We will use the price on the website, at the time of you placing Your Relevant Order to calculate the value of Your Claim.
    2. Should any Product be out of stock at the time of your Claim, You would need to await for the stock to arrive back in or accept a substitute product to the same value of Your Claim, at Our discretion.
    3. Re-delivery shall be made within 7 Working Days of receipt of a valid Claim, subject to any ongoing signature dispute with our courier service, in the event of which, re-delivery shall be made within 7 Working Days of resolution of any signature dispute.


  1. You must
  • without unnecessary delay give written notice to us of any potential or actual claim or any circumstances likely to result in a claim and in any event within the time stipulated in the Conditions Criteria;
  • pass immediately to us all court documents and/or other communications received by you, and provide all information and assistance which we reasonably require in respect of a Claim or investigation relevant to a Claim;
  • not deal with or attempt to settle a Claim without our prior written agreement;
  • do and allow to be done by us at our expense, all things reasonably necessary to minimise any losses, damages, costs and expenses payable under this policy.
  1. If we have accepted a Claim, any disagreement between You and Us over the value of the Products shall be passed to our internal complaints departments whose review of the Claim and the decision shall be final.
  2. If you have insurance covering the same loss as is covered under this policy, we will pay no more than our rateable proportion of the loss.
  3. Our liability to you in respect of all and any claims relating to this Guarantee will not exceed in total the amount of the value of the Products not delivered within the Relevant Order.


  1. Notice of a Claim must be given in writing in English within the time limits stipulated below and addressed to [[email protected]].
  2. Notice shall be deemed delivered immediately upon an email being sent and no bounce back being received.
  3. Time Limits for giving notice:
    1. For loss in transit, within 5 Working Days of the date of the Relevant Order being placed;
    2. For theft, within 10 Working Days or the date of the Relevant Order being placed, provided that a crime reference number in respect of the theft is provided within a further 5 Working Days.

Choice of Law

  1. The law of England and Wales will apply to this policy and shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Data Protection

  1. Your personal details will be held in accordance with Our Privacy Policy.

Your cancellation rights

If You have taken the benefit of our Guarantee acting other than in the course of your trade, business or profession (‘a consumer’), you have the right to cancel the Guarantee within 14 days from the  of your payment for the Relevant Order. As the Guarantee shall commence before the 14 day period expires, then by taking Guarantee you are agreeing to us Guaranteeing delivery before the expiry of the 14 days and therefore you agree to waive your right to cancellation. You also agree that this Guarantee relates solely to Your Relevant Order and shall not extend to any issue in respect of the quality or purpose of the Products, any such issue shall be dealt with in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions of sale which can be found on our website or upon request, and a return of Products shall not give rise to a refund of the Cost of this Guarantee.