Lip Filler techniques and when to select each one.


Lip Augmentation remains one of the most popular treatments performed worldwide and this shows no sign of stopping. Whilst more of an emphasis has been placed on treating the face as a whole, lips will always remain an important skill set for all practitioners to master and feel confident injecting.

In order to create a treatment plan it is firstly important to understand how the ageing process affects the lips. The upper and lower lip is made up
of three different tissues, namely the white lip, the vermillion border, and the vermillion. The white lip (also known as the white roll) is the skin just above the lip, the vermillion is the red lips, and the vermillion border is the border between the white and red lip. The philtrum is the indented tissue that runs below the nose to the vermillion border.

The first change that we notice is the loss of collagen in the body of the lips as well as around the lips. Next we see the remaining soft tissue be unevenly redistributed which creates a flat and inverse look.

Muscles begin to slacken and there is inevitable bone loss that creates a more caved appearance of the peri-oral area. Finally we notice the colour of the lips changing especially in the vermillion border – this is due to a decrease in blood vessels.

Lip Augmentation Filler Treatment


This is perhaps the most commonly taught treatment technique which involves following the border and then fanning out.If no additional border definition is needed, I recommend staying below the vermillion border to reduce the chance of migration. By following this pattern we can create shape and volume without altering the height of the lips. 0.6 – 1ml of LUMIFIL Kiss is fantastic for this – applying a steady pressure on the plunger to ensure small linear threads will give
excellent results.


– Long lasting volume.
– Perfect for lip augmentation.

LUMIFIL KISS has a higher viscoelastic properties, that is designed for correction of deep folds and the natural volume of a facial area with repetitive and frequent movements.

lip filler techniques


Ever wondered where the term ‘Russian Lips’ came from? They are in fact inspired from Russian nesting dolls and the key difference here is that this technique will create height and adjust the cupid bow to become more heart shaped whilst reducing the philtrum length.

Equally if you look closely at this style of lips, the focus is on the central body of the lip. I personally like to employ this technique for
patients that either have a long philtrum or a thin upper lip as it creates a more balanced profile.

I always find this treatment works best on virgin lips!

Russian Lips filler technique
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