How to ensure a natural look for every patient – 5 Tips!


There has been a huge shift in aesthetic trends over the years as our patients become more educated and aware of what is achievable with aesthetic treatments. With practically every patient I see in clinic, the initial consultation almost always ends with a variation of ‘and most importantly I
would like a completely natural look.’

But what is the ‘natural look’ and how is it achieved? I like to describe it as a set of techniques and practitioner vision that balances, defines and refreshes a profile whilst also maintaining a natural proportion, projection and contour. Our patients are trying to communicate that they would like to look fresher but ‘still like themselves’.

In reality it is a fine line that we need to carefully tread. Do too little and our patients will feel like they can’t see a noticeable difference – do too much and they can feel like they have lost their individuality.

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Your consultation and assessment process – use open ended questions to gather a thorough understanding of your patients concerns, needs and fears! Ascertain if they have had a bad experience elsewhere or if there is a particular example they have seen which has given them a negative impression.

Discuss how important movement is to them for anti-wrinkle treatments, how perhaps filling one area might reduce the lines present but will inevitably over project the area.

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Look at the Temples – The temples are one of the most neglected areas in the facial profile, as we age we begin to lose volume in this area which creates hollowing as well as causing the brow itself to drop.

Without correcting the temple volume deficit, even a Botox Brow Lift will only have limited results.

As part of a Complete Profile treatment, the temples are one of the first areas I look at – LUMIFIL Max is fantastic for this area.


  • Effective volumizing power.
  • For contouring shape and restoring lost volume.
  • A firm and melable Texture

LUMIFIL MAX has the thickest properties in the LUMIFIL family that is designed for replenishing facial shape and reconstruction of facial volume loss.

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Use a Cannula Technique for the Cheeks – A needle bolus technique has its place in cheek augmentation, however one disadvantage is that it cannot create that same beautiful cheek contour as a cannula gliding along the cheek bone does.

LUMIFIL Max paired with a cannula and linear threading technique is my go to combination to create a beautiful contour – done correctly this will not lead to over-projected cheeks.

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Pair your Dermal Filler treatments with SkinBoosters – Dermal Fillers are fantastic for restoring volume loss and creating definition and contour.

However if we do not treat the skin surface then we are not maximising the end result. Very often, it is our patients skin that needs firming – SkinBoosters such as Profhilo, medical skincare such as Tretinoin /microneedling, machines such as Morpheus are all fantastic options to tighten the skin without over volumising the face.


  • Increased elasticity.
  • Reduction in lines and wrinkles.
  • Tighter, lifted skin.
  • Firmer skin texture.

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Consider dividing a treatment into stages – As soon as a needle penetrates the skin, the natural skin response is to create swelling. This in turn can make it difficult to know how much of the projection is due to the dermal filler and how much is the inflammatory response to the treatment.

If a patient is prone to swelling and I am planning a multi-syringe treatment I will often discuss doing 3-4 syringes on day one and the remainder in 2 weeks time.

It is equally important to remember that HA will attract water, as a guide it is better to underfill and add an extra syringe once it has all settled!

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